H 10" x W 27" x D 9"

H 21" x 9" x 6"

H 8" x 7" x 5"

H 14" x 6" around

H 18" x 6" around

Acrylic Paint on photos

Systems, 2009, Metal components on wood

H 64" x W 44" x D 19"

H 45" x 24" x 13"

H 20" x 13 " x 16"

H 28" x 27" x 20"

System 4
Headed to the February 28th Laguna Beach Art Museum Auction

The Bean

A TINY Sculpture made from cast bronze, driftwood, & hardwood
h 7in. x 5in x 3in

#5 (bamboo series)

H91" x 15"x 13"
Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Nipples, Elbows, Street Elbows, Tee, Reducing Tee, Valves, Reducing Coupling, Plug

Untitled Tree #2

H 99” x 37” x 35”
Steel, Stainless Steel, Elbow, Nipple, Tee, Floor Flange, Sewer Pipe, Valve

Tunitas Creek (Magenta)

h 24" x 23.5"
Acrylic on Photo

Private Commission in Santa Ana 2007

Each wall is 17 feet high & 15 feet wide.
The taller trees reach over 16feet high.
Branches vary in scale but average 3-4 feet in length.
Pipe thicknesses vary 8 - 2 inches wide.

UnionArtSpace:FengShui Show 2007

A site specific sculpture, a welded metal base 32"tall & 48"around.
The recycled cardboard trunk & branches reach to the top of the 20 foot ceiling

Sculptures out & about 2008

Sizes vary. Each image below has varying combinations of trees.
Some cardboard & metal, others all metal.

Generally, an average human compares to the size of the trees

Consumption Project 2008

One single woman gathered disposable packaging for two years.
The project changed her buying habits.
Each Column represents a couple to a few months.
All packaging was washed.
All that was smelly or greasy denied.
All recyclable beverage containers excluded

This is a visual timeline of disposable packaging that was accumulated over a 2 year span.

The atrium height is approx. 30feet tall by 12ft wide & 20ft long
Each 'string' is about 16 ft. long and averages 2ft wide

Outside In

Outside In

This installation represents an environmental conversation between architectural framework and simulated growth expressed through the use of recycled and purchased materials.

Architectural framework
8ft. high by 10ft. wide by 11ft. long

14ft. high by 19ft. wide by 19ft long

Sizes vary, with the height approx. 5 - 13ft tall &
Branches 3 - 6ft span
Trunks 2-7inches wide